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Welcome to Welkin Sciences

Welkin Sciences provides real-time parallel processing solutions utilizing cutting-edge field-programmable gate array technology for the most challenging R&D digital signal processing applications in strategic communications and radar systems for military customers.

Welkin Sciences performs both as a prime contractor directly for DoD agencies and as a subcontractor to large primes. We provide turn-key digital signal processing (DSP) equipment for various DoD programs including those listed below:
  • All-Digital Multi-Carrier Modem for the Army's MET (Modernization of Enterprise Terminals) MILSATCOM program

  • Configurable Link Test Set for testing the PAAWNS (Protected Anti-Jam Anti-Scintillation Wideband Net-Centric Modem) developed by Harris Corporation

  • MASS (MILSATCOM Atmospheric Scintillation Simulator) for testing satellites and terminals
Welkin Sciences also seeks clients and integration partners working on programs with very high computational requirements which are well suited to FPGA DSP technology such as:
  • Communications applications
  • Adaptive Signal Processing
  • Electronic warfare applications
  • Radar applications
The Welkin Sciences FPGA platform is best suited for signal processing challenges having some combination of the following features:
  • Parallel processing architecture
  • Custom algorithm implementation
  • Analog-to-digital conversion
  • Large real-time computations
  • Small foot-print requirements
  • Fail-safe redundant platform
  • Open, non-proprietary architecture
  • Scalable compute power and I/O interfaces
  • Fleet replacement/upgrade of legacy systems
  • Field-upgradable

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