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Welcome to Welkin Sciences

Welkin Sciences is a small business providing products and R&D services to the defense industry. We specialize in real-time digital signal processing solutions for satellite communications, electronic warfare, and radar. We perform both as a prime contractor directly to DoD agencies as well as a subcontractor to other primes.

FAST-Compliant Digital IF Products
The Army sponsored generation of the Future Advanced SATCOM Technologies (FAST) open interface standard for inserting Digital IF technology into MILSATCOM terminals. Welkin Sciences developed the first FAST-compliant equipment and participated in defining the FAST standard.
Traditional vs Digital IF Architecture
Direct Conversion Subsystem (DCS)
provides digital conversion for transmit and receive paths at analog L-band interfaces.
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Wideband Signal Processor (WSP)
simultaneously processes carriers to/from the DCS with FAST compliant VITA-49 packets.
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Legacy Modem Data Converter (LMDC)
enables legacy analog L-band modems to be used in a Digital IF terminal.
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Fading Channel & Scintillation HWIL Simulators
Our hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) fading channel simulators (CoLTS, MASS, CoLTS-LC) accurately emulate RF propagation fading with user-defined characteristics and have been certified to meet the DoDís nuclear scintillation specifications. Options include HWIL jamming emulation. Products page

MILSATCOM Atmospheric Scintillation Simulator (MASS) Commercialization Successes
Welkin Sciences has been very successful transitioning SBIR-developed technologies into deliverable products supporting large DoD programs. Our Commercialization Achievement Index is 90% placing us in the top 10% of small businesses for successfully commercializing SBIR technologies1.

“Welkin” — the sky; the vault of heaven
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1 See https://www.dodsbir.net/help/faq-5.htm for information on the Commercialization Achievement Index.
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