Introducing our latest product: the Configurable Link Test Set for All Environments (CoLTS-AE)

This latest addition to the CoLTS family of fading channel simulators supports 500 MHz of instantaneous bandwidths with tunable L-band input/output interfaces. Based upon COTS ATX computer workstation components, the hardware platform is easy to maintain and upgrade. An RF System-on-Chip (RFSoC) PCI Express board provides the data converters and high-speed signal processing needed to support multiple analog signal interfaces.

Trusted by DoD to test against signal disruptors, natural and man-made

Our channel simulator products support hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) modeling of noise, distortion, and Doppler and propagation delay dynamics due to platform and ionospheric TEC effects - all the things you expect for modeling RF communication channels. Need to move beyond the standard rain fade model? Our products have you covered with support for both flat-fading and frequency-selective channels.

DTRA Models

Our hardware supports Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) fading channel models right out of the box and can support channel models from many other radio standards as requested. Our HWIL simulators use DTRA models for nuclear scintillation and are ready to test your protected MILSATCOM links and assets today.

Channel Simulator and Jammer Emulator Products


MILSATCOM Atmospheric Scintillation Simulator (MASS)

MASS provides wideband flat fading for both uplink and downlink paths with bandwidths up to 2 GHz. L, S, and C-band interfaces are standard and other bands are available. MASS has been field tested with several operational terminals as well as satellite simulators and on-orbit military satellites.


Configurable link test set

CoLTS-LC provides frequency selective fading over 125 MHz instantaneous bandwidths with tunable L-band input/output interfaces. CoLTS-LC is a modernized and lower cost version of the original CoLTS unit which was used to verify A/S performance of the PAAWNS modem (Protected A/S A/J Wideband Net-centric System).


Configurable Link Test Set for Advanced Contested Environments

CoLTS-ACE synthesizes dynamic jammer responses over a tunable 125 MHz instantaneous band for contested environment testing of communication links, moving beyond testing with arbitrary waveform generators capable of generating reactive responses to the input RF scene.

Additional Product Details

Our channel simulators and jamming emulators share the following features and capabilities:

Get up-and-running faster than you think

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel (or drain your R&D budget). Our team can adapt and deploy our existing platforms to meet your needs quickly and efficiently.