Securing the skies through simulation and testing

Today’s strategic satellite communication systems are required to operate in a contested environment. Welkin Sciences stands alone as the developer and sole U.S. provider of products that simulate and test a wide range of wartime threats, assessing and confirming satellite assets’ readiness to withstand such threats.

Hardware-based channel simulators

Multiple defense agencies rely on Welkin Sciences' Hardware-in-the-Loop (HWIL) simulators to test their mission-critical systems.

Technical support and on-site training

At Welkin Sciences, "tech support" means speaking directly with the engineers who designed your product. These engineers are available for on-site product training if desired.

R&D and Engineering Services

Your problems are specific and time-sensitive. So are our solutions.

Making the impossible, possible

Welkin Sciences began as an exclusively R&D company and has made a name for itself in the defense industry for its ability to solve complex problems. Our expertise includes digital signal processing, high-speed ethernet, satellite communications, and HF radio. 

As the market moves towards specialized processors, Welkin Sciences is well poised for success with its specialized programming capabilities. We have programming expertise for massively-multi-core CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs.

Our staff hold advanced degrees from the country’s leading universities and have decades of experience solving the toughest technical issues. Our tight-knit team of engineers collaborates directly with our customers to produce rapid prototypes that can be tested and used in the field.

Communication is built into more than just the products we make

Inter-Operability and Open Standards

We support the use of open standards over proprietary solutions. We work with a variety of open standard products, including Linux and GNU Radio, and have participated on open systems standards teams. 

Service & Support, Before and After the Sale

We offer real-time support and guidance at all stages of your purchase, from initial theory to maintenance of developed products. 

Collaboration with Customers is Key

Our engineers work directly with customers to develop a solid understanding of their needs and system requirements, prior to proposing a solution. 


Leading the way in Digital IF

We believe in open standards for Digital IF data transmission – no one should ever be locked into a single product line or proprietary solution. We pioneered the development of the Future Advanced SATCOM Terminal (FAST) OSDI Digital IF standard, and are now serving as a member of the DIFI Consortium to advance the Digital Intermediate Frequency Interoperability (DIFI) standard.

Our products represent the cutting edge and can easily be modified as standards evolve. These products are available on the GSA Schedule.

What is Digital IF?

Digital IF is an emerging technology for signal transport over digital optical fiber. Digital IF refers to an architecture with A/D and D/A conversion at IF frequencies higher than traditional architectures (e.g. A/D and D/A conversion directly at L-band rather than 70 MHz). With Digital IF, high-speed Ethernet packet switches or routers replace analog L-band switches or patch panels. This enables more flexible switching and routing while also improving signal fidelity.

common questions:

Good question! There are many reasons, including high reliability, long-range transmission possibilities, routing flexibility, decreased susceptibility to EMI, the ability to use pre-existing infrastructure and distributed assets, and reduced costs and maintenance. For SATCOM-based networks, Digital IF avoids the need for large and unmistakable SATCOM antennae to be co-located with the baseband equipment.

At this time, no. The industry hasn’t agreed upon a single standard, and there are competing proprietary and open standards. At Welkin Sciences, we fully embrace open standards because they benefit our customers as well as industry in general.

Definitely not! Digital IF can be used in any situation that requires highly reliable transmission of an RF signal from Point A to Point B. Examples include Radar, EW, and SIGINT, just to name a few.

As with all new technology, there is a learning curve. Our engineers are here to help walk you through the learning process and answer your questions.

Find your fit

We offer a variety of Digital IF solutions to meet different needs. Explore these products by clicking the link below:

Get up-and-running faster than you think

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel (or drain your R&D budget). Our team can adapt and deploy our existing platforms to meet your needs quickly and efficiently.